About Us

“Intercourse is there to help British and German people with sexual related problems to be and feel healthy again.”

We live in a society that has very unhealthy and unhappy ideas about sex. On one hand, we are obsessed with sex – in advertising, popular magazines, and conversation. On the other hand, sex often seems to be a problem. It is seen as dangerous to children, sinful and, in certain forms, ‘unnatural’.

Based (mostly) in Edinburgh, Intercourse is a non-hierarchical, participatory, non-profit network. We are devoted to encouraging people to develop comfortable and positive ways of thinking and talking about sex, sexuality and relationships.

Intercourse also aims to explore how individual sexual problems and anxieties are related to broader social issues.

Intercourse works toward these aims through producing leaflets on topics of sexuality (e.g. An Introductory Guide to Masturbation and Are You Normal?) and events including open discussions and film nights).

Intercourse is organised by participants for participants. Anyone is welcome to get involved.